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More and more people are choosing to buy prescription glasses online because of the cheaper price.
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Guide to Buying Prescription Glasses Online

More and more people are choosing to buy prescription glasses online because of the cheaper price. Some people will think it is impossible to purchase an eyeglass that fit them because they are not given the opportunity to test the eyeglass face to face. The stores have a few procedures which you need to follow so that you will be able to buy prescription glasses that fit you.

First of all, you have to select the frame. Each store has different types of frames you can choose from. When choosing the frames, you can read the description to learn more about it. The description contains several details including bridge, brand, manufacture country, edge type, hinge, rim, materials and temple.

After you have selected the frame, you have to choose the lenses. You have two options including progressive lenses and single lenses. There are several types of single and progressive lens you can choose from including poly safety, hi thin latex, ultra thin, and ultimate thin. The ultimate thin lens is the most expensive compare to other lenses. It cost about $350. After that, you will be able to choose from the type of brand for your prescription glasses.

Some stores allow you to customize the lens tint. This add on will add color to the lenses. For example, if you buy prescription glasses with green lens tint, your lens will be slightly green color. If you don’t want your lens to have color, you can choose clear. After that, you can choose to customize the spectacles with anti reflective or glare coating. The anti reflective or glare coating protects your eyes by preventing the sun to shine directly into your eyes. In addition, there are other add ons such as transition light to dark tint and polarized. As you customize the prescription glasses with different add ons, the cost will updates by itself. You will be able to see a detail outline of the cost.

The brand does not affect the quality of the spectacles. Spectacles that are produced by a not famous manufacture have more or less the same quality as a branded one. You should determine the types of add on you want and find out the cost of the same model from a few stores. For example, if you want to buy prescription glasses with anti reflecting coating, you can shop at different stores and find out the price for the exact pair. In this way, you will be able to save your money.

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