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About Us

Who we are
We are a manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years; seeing the need of affordable yet high quality prescription glasses in the market. We decided to launch this web site to bring regular consumers our commercial grade products and services.

We carry the most extensive selection of lens in the industry, which ranges from Free 1.56 index thin lens to world's thinnest 1.74 index lens, newly developed Free Form Progressive and 2 types of photochromic transition lens.

Our Quality
With our reputation on the line, we pay special attention to quality control during the entire production process. We apply a "Total Quality Control" method through every step of production. The best materials and latest technology are used and every product is mechanically tested and visually inspected before leaving the factory.

Further, all glasses are packaged in an outer hard case and an inner cloth case for best protection and convenience. We unconditionally guarantee all our frames and lenses to be delivered exactly as they were ordered and free of defects

How can we discount glasses so much?
Since we are bringing products from the factory directly to you via the internet, we do not have the additional overhead constraints and expenses that the traditional retailer will have. We have eliminated distributor and wholesaler mark-ups, retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and warehousing. These savings are passed on to you, the general public.

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