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To choose a pair of prescription sunglasses, there are several factor to consider: prescription sunglasses lens color, lens darkness, tint type.
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Prescription Sunglasses Introduction

Combination of style and funcionality, fashion sunglasses look like regular non-rx sunglasses, but the lens can be fitted with any prescription you want.

To choose a pair of sunglasses, there are several factor to consider: Lens color, Lens darkness, Tint type and Lens technology

Lens color, We offer Grey, Brown, Dark Green (G-15), Blue, Pink, Orange

Tint Darkness: Standard Light Tint is 30%, good for indoor use. Standard Dark Tint is 70%,, good for outdoor use.
You can also customize the percentange of darkness, just enter that percentage in the order comment field. Tint Type: We offer two types of tint, Straight Tint and Graduated Tint (Dark on top, graduately becomes lighter towards bottom of the lens)

Lens Technology: We have three types of sunglasses lens, Tinted sunlens from $4.95, Polarized Sunglasses from $46.95, and Transition Sunglasses from $39.95.

To order, just select frame you like, then follow simple step by step order process to complete the order.

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