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Tips for buying prescription glasses online!

Shopping prescription eyeglasses online nowadays is becoming more and more popular, there is a variety of styles in today’s market, meanwhile, the whole choosing process is fun and flexible, and you can get quality eyeglasses in famous brands just in a small amount of money! So, here I list several tips which you should comply with before your final decision:

Rule number 1, you need to hand in your latest prescription to the optician, which is the same as buying prescription glasses at a local store, you can get it from the optometrist after the examination of your eyes. We all know that an eyeglasses Rx should be updated every 12 to 24 months, no matter if you have had prescription glasses. This rule is the hardest part of choosing eyeglasses online, once it is over and the fun can begin.

Number 2, now, ready to go shopping prescription eyeglasses with your latest Rx in hand! The most difference of shopping online and in local stores is that you can’t try the glasses on to make sure if this pair fit your style and personality, but to me, this is not a big deal, as I have been wearing prescription glasses for 15 years, and I know what shape eyeglasses frames look good on me and what types do not, and do you think that not having to deal with crowded parking lots and pushy sales people outweigh the ability to try on a pair of prescription eyeglasses? However, for those who first time to buy prescription glasses, I suggest you can come to a local store and try on few hundred pairs of eyeglasses frames to see which style compliments your face shape and personality best, then come home and search the similar pair online!

Here we come to Rule 3, make sure you can understand the parameters on your prescription, such as OS, OD, PD and so on, you can always contact the customer service if you have any questions at online sites, and they will be happy to assist you. You will not be able to see with your new prescription glasses if you input the numbers wrong!

Rule 4, I will remind you that you should keep in mind of the return or refund policies of web companies. Make sure you do have choices available to you if it turns out you don’t like the prescription eyeglasses you buy online. No one wants to get stuck with a pair of glasses frames you hate if something goes wrong. Before buying, you need to make sure you review a company’s return and exchange policy!

It’s just that simple to buy prescription eyeglasses online, just have fun and enjoy the process!

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